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We aim to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, but to do so, we need your help as our staff are not psychic, telepathic or have other supernatural powers.

*Only open one support ticket relating to your issue. Opening multiple support tickets will cause a delay in our response.

*Use the email address that you used when creating your order.

*Be as descriptive as possible as to what you are seeing on the screen and what you were trying to do when the issue happened.

*Include any error messages that you see anywhere on your screen.

*Provide screenshots or photos wherever possible so that we know what you are seeing on your screen.

*Make sure that you complete the form correctly, otherwise we will have to ask you to complete the form again so that we have the correct information to be able to address your issue.

Please select from the options below that best describes your reason for contacting us today.

Live TV

Channels are buffering (stopping and starting)

Channel will not load (shows a black screen or keeps trying to connect)

Channel has no audio or no video

Mag Box, StbEmu or Smart STB App

“STB Blocked” message displayed onscreen

Account & Login Details

I placed an order but have not received my App login details
NOTE: Your login details are emailed to you within 24 hours of your processing your order. Please make sure that you check your email inbox and spam folder.

My login details for Live TV app do not work

Problem making a payment or placing an order